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I'll be using this site to showcase who I am and what I do. I attended the University of California, at Berkeley, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on the social constructs of technology. This really sparked my passion for media, getting me behind the camera, and even dabbling in graphic art. I just recently retired from 5 years of professional soccer abroad, where I lived in Germany, Sweden, and Cyprus. Soccer and technology are two influential parts of my life, and I am grateful for the experiences both careers have given me so far. I have met so many wonderful people around the world, and I can't wait to see where my next project takes me. Enjoy the rest of the site and thanks for taking the time to explore my work!

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Web Design

So, it's a great story how I got into web design. I was invited to a Cal Women's Soccer Alumni zoom during the pandemic, and after signing off, I thought to myself "how do we celebrate all of these amazing women that have come through our program?" I sent a few emails to some alums, and within a week I had a mock-up designed. Within 3 months, our team had a fully-operating website, hosting photos, maps, blog posts, member logins, and more. It's been an amazing project to be apart of.

The Cal Alumni website is extremely specific to the brand and the women it represents. After it was published, I started getting more clients, each wanting a design that spoke to them and their individual personalities. It's important to me to capture a client's identity within their website...I liken it to a small piece of you on the internet.

My most recent work comprises of full website design and operation, landing pages linked to socials, email design, and single webpage re-design.

I use Unbounce, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Mailchimp, & Webflow to name a few. 

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Web Design

Video Production

Looking at the thumbnails of the videos you see presented here, it's no secret most of my video work surrounds sports (well, women's soccer mainly, for obvious reasons). It's a passion of mine to give women in sport the media attention they deserve, and what better way to do that than to make them awesome videos?

Outside of sports, I've filmed, produced, and edited advertisement shorts for businesses, informational marketing videos, interviews, and more.

I use Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere.

Recent Work

Recent Work

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Video Production

Graphic Design

Similar to the videos above, my graphic design skills started with sports. When I was playing professionally in Sweden, our team's social media was...well, non-existent really. I asked our GM if I could help out, and I just had fun with it. It gave me a chance to learn without any pressure. I used PicMonkey in the beginning, and as I became more familiar with design, I upgraded to Photoshop.

My design personality is combining elements that compliment each-other in the best way they can. I really love to overlap layers, creating almost a 3D effect, and you can see that in some of my recent work below. 

I use Photoshop, Figma, Canva, and I'm just starting to get comfy with Illustrator. 

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